Headlight Restorations

Our restoration service will add clarity and vision to your older headlights.

A Crystal-Clear Headlight Restorations

Any new car fresh off a Bardstown dealership lot is going to look amazing. While most people understand that dirt and scratches happen on the paint, wheels, and interiors, few realize that it also affects the headlights as well. At Hands On Auto Detailing, we offer affordable headlight restoration that brings clear vision back into view.

When a headlight is new, it has a layer of UV protection. However, this protection is broken down by Bardstown weather over time, leaving your car's lights cloudy and much less bright. Because the cost of full headlight replacement can be very prohibitive, restoration by Hands On Auto Detailing is an option that fixes the issue without breaking the bank.

Hands On Auto Detailing can perform all types of headlight restorations, from modern cars and trucks to commercial vehicles to classic cars where replacement is no longer an option. With a convenient facility in Bardstown, we can be easily reached from many locations.

Before you order an expensive headlight replacement, call Hands On Auto Detailing at 502-331-0086 and see if our headlight restoration in Bardstown might be a better choice.



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